How to use WhatsApp on laptop without internet in your phone

Tech tips and tricks: WhatsApp is running the beta program of multi-device support that will allow users to run WhatsApp solely on a linked device like a laptop, without their phone being connected to the internet. Here is how you can experience the new feature in beta mode and all the things you need to keep in mind while doing so.


  • WhatsApp multi-device support beta is now available on both Android and iOS.
  • Users can opt in to experience a new way of running WhatsApp on linked devices.
  • A total of four devices but only one primary smartphone can be linked to one WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp is gearing up to bring a very important feature for all its users. The chat app will soon allow you to run your WhatsApp account on up to four linked devices, without the need of an active internet connection on the smartphone on which you primarily use WhatsApp.

The multi-device support is already in testing on both Android and iOS devices. However, it is currently in beta mode, and we will have to wait a bit before it is rolled out to all WhatsApp users around the globe. Till then, users who get a chance to see the beta mode on their phone can opt for the program and enjoy the new feature.

Easy to see, the new WhatsApp ability will be an exceptional way of using the app for those who handle multiple devices simultaneously. At present, you are required to keep your phone connected to the internet to use WhatsApp, even if you are using it on your computer which has an internet connection. With this, users are unable to use WhatsApp solely on a linked device.

The new feature changes that. But instead of waiting for multi-device support to arrive on your phone, you can join the beta mode to experience it right away. Here is a look at how you can do so and what are the things you will need to take care of while linking your WhatsApp account to multiple devices.

WhatsApp multi-device support – how to join the beta program?

As mentioned above, multi-device support on WhatsApp is currently in beta mode and is available to iOS and Android users for testing. Those interested can opt in the program and get started with it right away. Of course, since it is in beta as of now, expect some bugs in the performance, which should be ironed out by the time a stable version is rolled out.

For now, joining the beta version will allow you to use WhatsApp on up to four linked devices. For this, you will not have to keep your primary phone connected to the internet. The chat messages will directly arrive on your linked computer, on the WhatsApp desktop app or website, and you can respond to them from right there.

To join the beta program for multi-device support, WhatsApp users can go to Settings on their primary phones, select “Linked Devices” and tap Join Beta under the “Multi-Device Beta” section on the page. Upon a successful joining, users will be able to link devices to their account and run them individually.

WhatsApp multi-device support – how to run it on your laptop

After you enroll in the beta program, steps to use WhatsApp on your linked device are simple. First, you will have to either download the WhatsApp desktop app on your laptop, or visit the official WhatsApp website, i.e.

Next, open the Linked devices section from the WhatsApp Settings on your phone, just as done above. The settings page will have an option of “Line a device” right in the middle.

Clicking on it will fire up a camera scanner on the app. Correspondingly, the website or the desktop app that you open on your laptop will show a QR code. Now just scan this code with the camera of your phone and your account will start running on the new device right away. As always, all the conversations through any of the linked (or primary) devices will be end-to-end encrypted.

WhatsApp multi-device support – things to keep in mind

There are certain limitations to running your WhatsApp account on linked devices for now. In case your primary device is not connected to the internet and you are using WhatsApp on a linked system, you will not be able to delete messages or conversations form your account.

In addition, when using the linked device, you will only be able to exchange messages with users who run the updated version of WhatsApp on their phones.

There are two important things to keep in mind for using the multi-device support. The first is that among the four linked devices, there can be no other smartphone. You can only run your WhatsApp account on one phone at a time. Others can be laptops or desktop computers. Though WhatsApp might extend this ability to include multiple phones in the time to come.

Another important note is that all linked devices will be disconnected form your WhatsApp account in case you fail to use your primary phone for over 14 days. This means that you will have to run WhatsApp on your phone at least once every couple of weeks.

We should reiterate that the feature is in beta mode as of now and may cause some problems with the app performance to users. In case that happens, users can opt out of the beta program through the app to get back on the regular version of WhatsApp that runs smoothly.